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Dr. Gary Brown

Welcome to your source for Crisis Intervention Education, Training and Critical Incident Response Services.

I have been working in the area of crisis intervention for more than 25 years with extensive experience responding to hundreds of small, medium, and large incidents in medical centers/healthcare systems, the first response community, business sectors, local and national governments, EAPs, and disaster relief organizations.

Since a traumatic event can occur at any time of the day or night, you deserve a timely response.

If you just had or are currently experiencing a critical incident and one or more of your employees, staff, or contracted personnel are impacted, and you would like an assessment for the appropriateness of crisis intervention services, please click here for my emergency contact information.

I am more than happy to provide you with for a free brief phone consultation.

If the event is having a wide impact in your organization, I will help coordinate your response efforts as I have access to colleagues who are educated, trained, and experienced crisis responders. They can assist in the response and recovery efforts for your organization.

It may be that you are not in a crisis, but understand the necessity and benefits of pre-planning. This puts you way ahead of the curve.

By providing Pre-Incident Education and Organizational Consultation I can help you and you and your organization with the following:

Pre-Incident Planning:

  1. Identify the types of incidents that you and your organization may be exposed to.
  2. Develop a Critical Incident Risk Assessment that is specifically tailored to the needs of your organization.
  3. Prepare you and your organization to initiate an initial Incident Action Plan until assistance arrives.
  4. Consultation to help you develop your own in-house Crisis Response Team or revitalize an existing team to conform with current best practices.

Current Incident Response:

  1. Provide you and your organization with Telephonic and On-Scene support to help you conduct an initial assessment of the impact on your organization.
  2. Provide Crisis Management Briefings and Organizational Consultations
  3. Help you to develop an initial Plan of Action for the current that is impacting your organization.
  4. Help you to understand the practical, field-tested, and need-to-know information about crisis intervention that can speed up your organization's recovery.
  5. Both provide direct services as well as connect your organization to experienced and licensed mental health workers who also have specific education, training, and experience in Critical Incident Response.
Thank you so much for visiting the LA Critical Incident Response website. I hope that you find the contents of this website informative and useful. If you would like any additional information, please click here.

Kind regards,

Dr. Gary Brown